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This cutting board set is the perfect prize for all your cooking competitions! What a great way to commemorate the win with this useful prize. Your winners will absolutely love them! This set includes 3 pieces, one large board and 2 smaller boards.


Product sizes:

Large Grand Champion Board is 17.75" wide x 11.75" tall, ~ 3/8" thick.

Small First Runner-up & Second Runner-up boards are 13.5” x 7” with an engraving space of 7” x 6”.

All of our cutting boards are custom designed and decorated in Rogue River, Oregon and are double sided so you can keep the engraving side beautiful and chop away on the back side. Both sides are food safe.

Do you have another idea? Send us your creative ideas and we will bring them to life.

About placing your order and production time: Place your order here on our website or call our toll free number at 1-866-582-3652 for personal assistance. Our office hours are Monday thru Friday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. PST.


You will receive a proof for your order via email,  this item will not move to production until we hear back from you for your approval or changes.  Once in production it is too late to make changes. 

Variations in wood grain may cause some natural variation in engraving appearance. This is normal and not a defect.

Chili Cookoff- Cutting Board Awards Set (3 Piece Set)

$115.00 Regular Price
$95.00Sale Price
  • Your bamboo cutting board is double sided so you don't have to be afraid to use it. Simply chop on the back of the board keeping the engraved side looking beautiful.  This item is NOT diswasher safe so always hand wash and dry it.  If you use a little food grade cutting board oil on your board every now and again you will keep it looking fresh and new for years to come.  So, use that board! It's not just for decoration anymore! 

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