Employee of the Month Program

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One of my favorite shows is Undercover Boss. If you have never seen the show, it’s a reality show where bosses, CEO’s, and other upper management personnel would go undercover inside their own companies to see how the company was functioning. They would work side by side with their employees doing day-to-day work duties and experience firsthand the job they were doing. One key thing from the episodes: the employees wanted to feel appreciated. This is what has inspired me to create an employee of the month program for my customers.

Employees who feel appreciated perform better!

We have 3 package options. Get your choice of Platinum, Gold, or Silver! This allows you to create your own custom package that will showcase your company's brand and style. Choose how you want to celebrate your employees!

Platinum Package

With our Platinum Plaque Package, you’ll receive an 8” x 10” plaque with your choice of Acrylic or Metal plates. You can also choose from 11 different plate colors and finishes! All our plaques are made of solid wood and have a beautiful black piano finish.


Silver Package

Have you been looking for a way to Celebrate your employees? Our Silver Plaque Package includes a 7" x 9" wooden plaque with a beautiful matte black finish and you’ll have your choice of 7 different finishes for the Metal plaque plate!


Gold Package

If Platinum is too much and Silver is too little, then Gold will be the perfect fit! With our Gold Employee of the Month Program, you’ll be sent a 7" x 9" wood plaque with a beautiful black piano finish and your choice of one of 7 different Metal plate finishes!


Check-in on our Plaque Gallery below to see samples of each color or jump to our chart below for quick price comparison!

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Includes Perpetual Plaques

Included in all of our Employee of the Month Packages are Perpetual Plaques, these are annual plaques with 12 individual plates, one for each month! Perpetual plaques are made of solid wood and have a black piano finish! The plaque plates will match the finish of your employee plaques and you’ll receive your individual plates each month along with your plaque program shipment.

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You will receive your perpetual plaque in your first shipment. All items are personalized with your company logo, the recipient’s name, and the date awarded. The award is shipped via 2 days FedEx Express shipping directly to you.

This program gives you a way to recognize your employees and show them how much you value them and the work they do. We have not just created a product but a “plan” for you to implement this in your company.

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